Advent Calendar

Use the Advent calendar to make the most of the sales-generating Christmas season! Place products and increase range! Help your fans wait for the Santa Claus and surprise them daily with the Advent Calendar app for Facebook, Google+, Twitter or website. Compatible with smartphone, tablet and desktop computer.

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Inspire your fans every day, for example, with a Christmas video or quizzes that fans have to answer to win prizes. To participate in the contest, your fans register via Facebook, Google+, Twitter or email. As an option, you can request additional data when you register, so you can learn more about your fans or win new newsletter subscribers. Afterwards the participants can send greeting cards and share the Advent calendar with their friends. Additional detailed statistics and tracking information are provided for exciting insights into your target group.The menu view of the advent calendar follows Facebook's fanpage design. In total, you can create up to three menu items and present your prices or refer to your website. In the app's footer, you can add terms and privacy conditions, as well as social buttons, for example for Twitter. You can, of course, easily change the design of the app: from graphics to fonts to the doors and greetingcards, you can adapt the entire design to your corporate identity. You decide what how to fill the doors: whether pictures, stories, videos or links ... everything is possible! As an alternative to 24 doors, our Advent wreath with four contemplative candles is also interesting for you.
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Product placement

Placement of products or integration of sponsors.


Increased traffic through regular subscribers and links.

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Best Western

Advent Calendar

" With the App-Arena advent Calendar, we were able to record 32,198 participants and a total of around 3.5 million page views. We were surprised, that despite the high number of participants, the campaign ran secure and reliably. Completely satisfied! "

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Best Western Advent Calendar Best Western Advent Calendar


Advent Calendar

" With 27,315 participants, 280,000 app views and 3666 newsletter participants, we were able to strengthen the traffic on our side as well as improve the interaction through the use of the advent Calendar campaign. "

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Globus Advent Calendar Globus Advent Calendar


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